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Our history

In 1994 I won a video award in Germany.
During the late 90's I was making short movies and also made a long, award winning movie.
Throughout the years I’ve made a number of image films, video clips and documentaries.
In 2007 we made a big screen movie that I wrote, directed and was in charge of the cinematography.
After this in 2014 I decided to start my own company and funded KiMG MEDIA GROUP.

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Our present

We create films and videos for Hungarian and European customers.

We are creative team, always thinking of something new.
Whatever your budget is, we can work to it and make your dreams come true.

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Your feedback

"This is an amazing team. They're flexible and accommodating of our schedule. They are very friendly and professional. Thank you for everything!"

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Gabor Etl

ETLsoft owner 

"Their mission is to deliver a quality product that is also excellent value. They want to help their clients. They know what is the best way to deliver on a budget, and their product is professional."

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Balazs Lovasi

Marketing specialist

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